A Dream, Hard Work, and Great Food

March 1, 2019

Umami Ramen is one of many popular restaurants in Battle Creek. It has a lot in common with other restaurants like great food, a fun atmosphere, and being a place for Battle Creek friends and families to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

But there is one detail that sets Umami Ramen apart from other restaurants: owner and cook, Peecoon Allen.

Meet Peecoon

Born in Thailand, Peecoon didn’t know what was headed her way when her mother put her on a plane for the first time as she was coming to live in America. Peecoon came to Battle Creek in 2009 with the idea of cooking for a living. In 2016 she was able to make that dream a reality when she opened Umami Ramen near downtown Battle Creek.

Business in Battle Creek

When Peecoon and her husband came to Battle Creek, they started evaluating the food options in the area and noticed there was nothing like the ramen-based meals that Peecoon was creating at home.

Peecoon felt confident the people of Battle Creek would enjoy and embrace her cooking, so she began prepping and selling food at the local farmer’s market. Halfway through the season, she became a regular favorite at the market! In 2016, she achieved her dream of creating a diverse food option in Battle Creek when she purchased the building that is now home to Umami Ramen.

Creating Change

Peecon believes in the change of Battle Creek and shows this through her commitment to her business in Battle Creek. She shared with Second Wave Southwest Michigan, “Don’t be afraid to start. I’m 50. It all works out.”

Anyone, at any age, can make a difference in bringing the change we all want to see. With the help, love, and support of Battle Creek business owners like Peecoon Allen, we’re getting closer every day.

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