Battle Creek Events

Celebrate Battle Creek

The Battle Creek community is proud to host a variety of different events throughout the year. We come together to celebrate our heritage, commonalities, community, achievements, holidays, and more.

Browse our featured events to the right or check out other events in the community below. We can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Related Events

Manufacturing day

Manufacturing Day is an annual celebration of the manufacturing industry and the people who work in it. On this day, local manufacturing companies present about how objects are made, what happens in the industry, and internal processes of their companies.

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National CerealFest

National CerealFest is an annual celebration of the most important meal of the day. This festival highlights Battle Creek’s heritage as the birthplace of ready-to-eat cereal and is packed with fun. Join us for a parade, entertainment, fundraisers, games, and more at this family-friendly event.

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Fall into the Arts

Fall into the Arts Artwalk is an annual event hosted by the Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce. Local artists line the streets and set up in businesses, where they show off their work. Attendees can look forward to interactive experiences, food trucks, night-time kayaking, and more.

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