Focus On Coach Granger: Helping Students Grow

April 11, 2019

The culture of Battle Creek Central’s varsity football team is extremely unique and rare. We’ve shared one story about a member of Central’s football team, Coach Casey, who was our first Get Caught recipient. Now we have more good news coming from the team.

Meet Coach Granger  

Lorin Granger is the varsity football coach at Battle Creek Central and is dedicated to fostering the success of his team, both as a whole and as individuals. When he was a high school student, Coach Granger made some decisions that negatively impacted him. It wasn’t until his high school football coach helped him out of his rut that his life began to turn around. The kindness displayed by Granger’s coach is what inspired him to become a coach, as well. He hopes to pass on the lessons his coach taught him.

Coach Granger goes beyond the sport by getting to know his players outside of the game. “I want to know the names of their parents. I want to know the names of their brothers and sisters. I want to know how they’re doing in school. I want to know about the things they’re dealing with outside of school, and I think it’s a constant cycle of building trust. But the key is they have to know you care about more than just football.”

Coach Granger says that when his players know that he cares about them as a player and a person, they are more likely to believe that he truly wants what’s best for them.

Keeping the Momentum Going

Coach Granger feels he has yet to reach all of the goals he has set for the team. This might be because he is always looking for new goals to achieve. While the team has had great success and made amazing accomplishments, there is still a lot more work to do.

Coach Granger knows that his job will never get easier because football will continue to be difficult, and so will striving for the team’s trust and commitment. However, he knows that someday he’ll look back on all he’s done and realize how far he’s truly come. The coach will be able to see that everything he has worked so hard for has actually paid off.

The Best Part

Coach Granger said the most rewarding part of coaching is watching the players realize their dreams. “Most of these guys dream of playing college football. Some of them just want to graduate high school because no one in their family has done it before. It makes you pretty proud when you know that’s what their dream is and when you see them accomplish it.”

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