Focus On Janene Reichardt: Creating a Neighborhood to Live, Work, and Play In

June 13, 2019

Battle Creek is filled with community members who are committed to creating a city that we all can live, work, and play in. Without the help of neighbors, moving Battle Creek forward would be impossible.

We are putting the focus on one Battle Creek neighbor who wanted to live someplace that made her proud. When she moved into her home 15 years ago, she made sure to make that happen.

meet janene reichardt

When Janene moved into her home in Kirkpatrick Knolls, at the corner of Capital Avenue SW and Golden Avenue, she continued to drive past the rusted, bent, and fading sign that announced the neighborhood. While the neighborhood and everyone who lives there is vibrant and full of life, the sign “was an eyesore” Janene stated.

To show the rest of Battle Creek just how great their neighborhood really was, Janene and 70 of her friends and neighbors got to work restoring the sign.

creating a culture of vitality

Janene worked with the Battle Creek Community Foundation and the Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce to secure a grant. This funding was used to restore the sign to a true symbol of the vibrancy of the neighborhood.

Janene and her neighbors also sought help from the city of Battle Creek to ensure that the sign followed all city regulations. Janene is thankful to the city staff for helping her neighbor-hood get a new sign.

keeping the momentum going

Janene remembers the joy she felt from gathering her neighbors together as the sign came to completion. She said, “We brought the neighbors together for a meet and greet, garden party and another event to celebrate the new sign installation.”

To Janene, her commitment to make Battle Creek a better place to live, work and play was reinforced through this project. “It was really fun to hear about how other neighbors also wanted a new sign.”

We love sharing the stories of those in Battle Creek who are moving us forward. They do this by creating a culture of vitality and showing a commitment to creating spaces in our city where everyone can live, work, and play. Do you know somebody who we should Focus On? Click here to send us their name, contact information, and what they are doing to make a difference.

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