How to Ace a Video Interview

May 14, 2020

The past few weeks have seen a huge shift in how our world operates. Not too long ago, face-to-face interviews were the norm, and phone or video interviews were often only for very large companies.

Because integrating back into the community is likely going to look very different when this is all over, we figure video interviews are going to become more of the norm. So our team has put together some key tips to make sure you can stay ahead of the game and impress on your next video interview.


The biggest issue that can arise when you try to interview online is not knowing how to use the technology correctly. Even if you’ve used the program or computer you’re going to use on your interview a hundred times, it’s still a good idea to practice.

Try calling up a friend while using the same technology and microphone that you plan on using. Be sure to try it from the same place in your house or community that you’ll be in during the interview, too. That way you can make sure your connection works how you need it to before the big day comes.

Give It Your Best

When you interview on a video call, it can be easy to feel disconnected from the person you’re talking to. Here are some steps you can take to impress:

  • Dress well. Click here if you need help finding clothes for an interview.
  • Place a sticky note next to your camera. Try drawing a smiley face on it. Then, when you talk, talk to the sticky note. It will make it seem like you’re making eye contact with the person on the other side of the video call.
  • Have your resume prepared. Either print it out or have a digital copy you can refer to. That way, if your interviewer asks any questions about it, you’ll be ready.
  • Speak slowly and confidently.
  • Don’t forget to smile!

When you prepare for this interview, you should approach it like a face-to-face interview. Check out our tips for that here.

Say Thanks

When you finish your interview, thank the person or people on the call with you. Then be sure to send a follow up email thanking them for their time. If your interviewers have asked you to provide any other information, you can attach it to this same email.

Otherwise, treat this as the email you would send after a regular interview. Say thanks for the opportunity, for their time, and make sure they know that you’re looking forward to hearing back from them soon and clarify the next steps.


Are you preparing for an interview or hunting for a new job? Take our Job Assistance Quiz to find resources right here in the Battle Creek community.


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