How to Balance School and a Part-Time Job

September 12, 2019

School is back in session, which means that everyone’s schedules are getting shifted around. If you were working a summer job, maybe you’ve shifted your hours to make room for school. If not, maybe you’re starting to look around for a job during the school year.

Working during the year has its perks, but it can also get overwhelming, if you aren’t prepared. Our team put together some tips on how to balance your schoolwork and your paid work, all without driving you crazy before the next semester.

start small

If you can, work up to several hours a week. Try speaking with your employer to see if you can start off working only a couple of hours a week and work your way up. Develop a plan with them on how and when you’re ready to take on more until you’ve reached the ideal amount. That way, you can adjust to the added workload as you go.


Make sure to tell your family or loved ones about your part-time job. Keep them informed about your schedule, so they can help you keep an eye out for any would-be conflicts. Plus, it’s always easier to get through a busy time if you have people around to help you.

plan ahead

Although the school year is just starting, it’s only a matter of time before midterms and finals pop up. Find out what your exam schedules will be and let your employer know. Then, if you need time to study, make sure to let your job know far in advance so that they can plan around your absence. That way you aren’t getting called in last minute, and your boss feels confident that everything is under control.

use your time

When you have a full schedule, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Instead, try to figure out where you can carve out chunks of time for yourself. If you work a job with slow periods, ask your boss about working on schoolwork when there are no customers. Bring assignments with you to work on during your break. The more you can get done when your brain is in work mode, the more time you’ll have to unwind later.

know your limits

At the end of the day, you’re human, just like the rest of us. While getting a great education and making money are both incredibly important, sometimes life can feel overwhelming. If that happens, have a serious discussion with your family about how you can rearrange your schedule while still meeting your goals. Then, when you have a solution figured out, approach your boss about it. Remember: it’s better to bring a solution than a problem.

take care of yourself

Even if you follow all of the steps in this blog, you won’t succeed unless you make sure that you’re doing okay. Make sure to get good restorative sleep at night, eat regular meals, and drink water whenever you can. If you aren’t feeling well, contact your boss about taking a sick day or a mental health day. If you take care of yourself today, it’ll make tomorrow and the day after better and better.

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