How to Beat the Summer Heat in Battle Creek

August 1, 2019

We love summer days, but sometimes the heat can get intense. Summer fun is dependent on nice weather, but when temperatures push higher and higher, sometimes you just need a place to cool down.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best places to cool down in Battle Creek. Read this blog, grab your towel and sunscreen, and start enjoying the warm weather before it goes away.

Flash flood water park

When it comes to beating the heat, you can’t get better than a water park. Grab your entire family and get ready to have fun on water slides, hop in bounce houses, and participate in a water war.

Flash Flood Water Park is open throughout the summer from 11am to 6 or 7pm, depending on the day. You can even grab concessions at the park if the family gets hungry, so you’ll be ready to play all day.

fort custer recreational area

If you aren’t a fan of chlorine, the Fort Custer Recreational Area is a must. There are tons of ways to enjoy your day, including a swimming beach, boat rentals, and trails. After you’re done splashing around in the water, you and your family can go explore some of the beautiful prairies nearby.

Head on down and enjoy the natural beauty that our community has to offer.

willard beach park

Speaking of beaches, have you stopped by Willard Beach Park? It’s the perfect location for summer fun, with plenty of sand and shelters that can keep you out of the sun.

An outing to the park is also a great excuse for a picnic. Enjoy a meal with your family while soaking up the sun. After all, sharing laughter on a beach is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer.

Our team is dedicated to making Battle Creek a community where everyone can live, work, and play. We are here to create a place for everyone through our dedicated leadership teams and our community events. Want to help us move Battle Creek forward? Reach out to a team member today!

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