Meet Alesia Walsh, Our August “Get Caught” Recipient

August 8, 2019

BCVision is challenging community members to “Get Caught” moving Battle Creek forward through job creation and training, talent development, and community vitalization.

meet alesia walsh

Alesia Walsh is a Career Trainer with Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) at MyCITY BC. MyCITY BC is a summer program that provides disadvantaged youth with a paid work experience. High school-aged students apply for the internship. Participants are randomly selected to work on job sites, attend educational workshops and learn valuable job skills that prepare them for the work force.

Outside of the program, Alesia is an English teacher. She’s worked with eighth graders for several years, but this upcoming school year, she’ll be teaching ninth grade.

creating a culture of vitality

In her role as career trainer, Alesia teaches students financial literacy, interview skills, resume building, and how to be professional in a work environment. She helps to coach them through problem solving and conflict resolution.

Alesia believes the MyCITY BC program helps prepare the students to become good em-ployees. More importantly, she also believes the program helps them to become good peo-ple who will contribute positively to our community and economy.

As a child, Alesia experienced trauma that shaped her life. She beat the odds to become the teacher and career trainer she is today. Alesia believes it’s important for her to help students overcome trauma and challenges they may have faced and to help them succeed as well.
She wants students to know, “No matter what’s happened to you, if you want it badly enough, it can happen. That’s the mark that I want to leave on students… if I can do it, you’ll be able to do it, too.”

the best part

Alesia has lived in Battle Creek for fifteen years, and the summer program has allowed her to work in the heart of downtown. She enjoys connecting with students and feeling like she’s a part of the community as well. Alesia says the best part of it all is really getting to know the students and seeing them take pride in the work they do.

Do you know someone who is helping to move our community forward? Learn more about how to nominate someone today. While you’re at it, make sure to read about our past “Get Caught” recipients like Israel Flores, Tyler Gilland, and so many more!

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