Meet Brittany Sheehy, Our September “Get Caught” Recipient

August 29, 2019

BCVision is challenging community members to “Get Caught” moving Battle Creek forward through job creation and training, talent development, and community vitalization.

meet brittany sheehy

Brittany Sheehy is a Career Trainer with the Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) MyCityBC program. MyCityBC is a summer program that provides disadvantaged youth with a paid work experience. These high-school-aged students work on job sites, attend educational workshops and learn valuable job skills to prepare them for the work force.

Outside the program, Brittany has spent eight years as a special education teacher at the middle school and high school level. She is also a certified school counselor.

creating a culture of vitality

Brittany believes it’s important for the students to gain soft skills along with job skills. In her role as a career trainer, Brittany teaches students the importance of being punctual, maintaining a positive attitude, working as a part of a team, and building relationships in the community and in a professional setting.

In addition, she coaches students through problem solving and conflict resolution. She believes this experience will provide them with transferable life skills that they can take back home to their families and to their classrooms.

Brittany shares, “This is kind of a seed planting opportunity, because these are the people that are going to be running our community in five to ten years.”

keeping the momentum going

Brittany says the program is very future-focused. The program helps students learn about themselves on a deeper level because it enables them to discover their strengths and weaknesses and explore different career paths that will be fulfilling to them as a person. She encourages students to self-reflect and think about how their current actions will affect their future.

Brittany hopes the relationships the students are developing with the involved community members and businesses now encourages them to make an impact when they officially join the workforce. The MyCityBC program has grown rapidly in the last year and Brittany wants to see that continue in Battle Creek. She’s always thinking of adjustments that can be made to expand the program and make a bigger impact on more students. She believes the program really opens doors and gives students an experience they may not have had otherwise.

the best part

Brittany shares that she “likes when the kids have ‘ah-ha’ moments,” and that seeing the growth the students are making is the best part for her. She’s seen the students become more motivated and independent as they learn more about themselves and make connections with their peers and crew leaders.

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