Meet Carmen Meinhardi, Our March “Get Caught” Recipient

March 28, 2019

BCVision is challenging community members to “Get Caught” moving Battle Creek forward through job creation and training, talent development, and community vitalization.

Meet Carmen

Carmen Meinhardi, the March “Get Caught” campaign recipient, is a special education teacher at Battle Creek Central who has taught in the school for over a decade. Carmen goes beyond just teaching students. She leads the American Red Cross Club, heads up the Work Base Learning Program for students, and does a lot more within Battle Creek. Her other activities include everything from Habitat for Humanity and Girl Scouts to BC Pride and finding homes for stray animals.

A Culture of Vitality

Although Carmen ended up in Battle Creek accidentally, she says, “It’s the best accident to happen to me.” We agree completely! Through her countless contributions to Battle Creek, Carmen is creating a culture of vitality both inside her classroom and out.

Keeping the Momentum Going

Carmen continues to keep the momentum up by helping to place her students in work based learning environments and getting them involved in volunteer experiences. She is fostering growth in her students to be the next generation of community leaders.

Carmen shares that the “Get Caught” recognition means a lot to her. “I am a little overwhelmed. I’ve been teaching for 17 years, and I am humbled by it. It feels good to know that people know what I care about and what I’m working for. It means a lot to be seen by the people who care about me and reinforces that what I am doing is making a difference.”

The Best Part

Carmen says the best part of contributing to the community is knowing that she gets to be a part of supporting people (and animals) in the area. In fact, Carmen shares that the most important thing you can do as a human is, “be a part of and provide support for your community.”

Do you know someone who is helping to move our community forward? Learn more about how to nominate someone today. Make sure to read about our past “Get Caught” recipients like Vickie Brennan, Randy Yother. and so many more!

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