Meet Tyler Gilland, Our May “Get Caught” Recipient

May 23, 2019

BCVision is challenging community members to “Get Caught” moving Battle Creek forward through job creation and training, talent development, and community vitalization.


Tyler Gilland is a Freshman Social Studies teacher at Battle Creek Central High School and is dedicated to encouraging the progress of his students. When Tyler was in High School, he made decisions that could have impacted his life and career negatively. Tyler came to the realization that the chances of success were very slim if a change was not made in his life. With support from passionate teachers, he was able to get on track. The support from these teachers inspired Tyler to give back and become a teacher himself.

Talent Development

Tyler goes beyond the classroom setting when it comes to the enrichment of his students. “I want to pay it forward. I’m the beneficiary of the people who helped me. I want to do what others don’t want to do. We need another representation of what it looks like to be a successful individual in the community.”

In addition to his teaching duties, Tyler is active in the Summer School program, National Honor Society and Link Crew, which connects his freshman students to upperclassmen who introduce the freshmen to life at Battle Creek Central. He also is an Assistant Basketball Coach and has helped the teams win back-to-back District Championships in 2016 and 2017.

Tyler says he wants to show his students how to lead by example. He wants to show that creating an environment where a student can lead is the first step to fostering an environment where every student is able to pay it forward.

Tyler believes education is the proactive way to save lives. “I didn’t have what I know now growing up. I want to be the one who protects students and keeps them from trouble.” Tyler believes that by providing education and connections with students, he can help students to grow as people.

Watching students interact with Tyler, you can see that he is helping to move Battle Creek forward. We salute Tyler for his work and helping to inspire future generations.

The Best Part

Tyler says the best part about Battle Creek is the people who refuse to give up on Battle Creek. “This city has so many people in so many sectors, industries and institutions who are dedicated toward making this a place where kids can achieve their true potential. People, more so than the institutions they represent, are also working hard to disrupt systems of inequity, challenging the old way of doing things.”

Do you know someone who is helping to move our community forward? Learn more about how to nominate someone today. Make sure to read about our past “Get Caught” recipients like Carmen Meinhardi, Vickie Brennan and so many more!

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