Pre-K Education

Early Education Opportunities

In order for our community to thrive, everyone needs to have access to the appropriate education, and that starts with Pre-Kindergarten learning. The Battle Creek community proudly offers a variety of Pre-K education and child-care options.

Our community is employing several strategies to increase kindergarten readiness, including:

  • Creating equitable access to high-quality home visiting programs for families with children who are prenatal through age three. This is a part of a tiered system of supports that are based on the needs of each individual family.

  • Creating high-quality preschool programs for 3 and 4-year-old children. Ensuring that these programs are available to all families and that they are supported by a strong early childhood career pathway.

  • Creating a centralized access point of entry for families who are entering the early childhood system. This will remove barriers and support smooth transitions between programs and support services.

  • Establishing a data collection and valuation system to monitor and improve components of our community’s early childhood system.

  • Supporting the child’s entire health by utilizing a network of resources for: mental and physical health, trauma supports, education, family engagement and leadership opportunities, basic needs, and economic stability for families.

You can learn more about these programs, along with the 30+ locations that offer preschool services in our area by clicking the link below.

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Battle Creek is proud to offer multiple schooling options, including high school,
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