Providing Opportunities with the MyCityBC Program

September 5, 2019

MyCityBC is a summer program that provides disadvantaged youth with a paid work experience. The high school aged students work on job sites, attend educational workshops and learn valuable job skills to prepare them for the work force.

helping students succeed

This summer, most of the students worked on landscaping projects for various community properties. They also helped set up and tear down for community events. Other students worked on childcare sites, in customer service positions and as tutors for middle school students. On the job sites, Crew Leaders assigned tasks and mentored the teens throughout the summer.

When they weren’t on the work sites, the students attended career training workshops. The Career Trainers taught students financial literacy, interview skills, resume building, and how to be professional in a work environment. These lessons supported the goal of the program, which is to provide youth with necessary skills to become good employees.

life skills

Although every year, the students gain valuable job skills to prepare them for the work force, this program also provides the students with transferable life skills. The students can then take these skills back home to their families and classrooms.

During this year’s program, the students learned the importance of being punctual, maintaining a positive attitude, working as a part of team and building relationships in the community and in a professional setting. Their career trainers helped coach them through problem solving and conflict resolution so that they will be able to take on future obstacles that may come their way and so they can handle issues in a healthy way.

the best part

The impact of this program is evident the moment you speak to one of the students. They enjoyed the work they were doing. Plus, by learning job skills, they learned more about themselves.

Antoinette Parker, a 10th grader at Battle Creek Central, said the program taught her about work ethic. “[I learned] how to actually fill out an application. I also learned about myself, and that I have a really good work ethic and can work hard. This program taught me how hard I could work.”

Parker says she would like to give back to the program in the future. “When I grow up, I want to own my own business. I also want to help programs like these because I feel like they are really good. MyCityBC helped me so much.”

If you know a student who would like to participate in the MyCityBC summer program, please click here to visit the website.

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