Staying Social During Social Distancing

April 30, 2020

Since the Stay at Home order has been extended, it’s safe to say we’re all missing our friends and family. It’s easy to feel alone while you’re isolated at home, so we wanted to provide some tips on how to stay connected during the pandemic.

Phone a Friend 

Technology is definitely one of our biggest assets during this difficult time. One of the easiest ways to stay connected is to pick up the phone! Call, text or video chat with a family member, a close friend or a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

If you have access to a laptop, you can set up a Zoom account and chat with multiple loved ones at a once. You can get creative with your calls and schedule movie watch parties, start a virtual book club or play games!

Face to Face

If you’re looking for some face-to-face contact, there are a couple ways you can see your loved ones in person while staying safe. Try making some homemade goods and doing a contactless delivery to a friend. Just drop the goodies off at their doorstep and wave or chat with them from the driveway.

You can also ride by a friend’s house and wave or chat from your vehicle. You can even take short walk outdoors with a friend. Just be sure to wear a mask and stay at least six feet away during any in-person exchanges.

Pen Pals

Another way to stay connected with loved ones who are farther away is to put pen to paper! You can write letters to a friend.

If you have children, turn it into an arts and crafts activity and make handmade cards. You can send the letters or cards to an out-of-town relative, your child’s teachers, essential workers or the nearest senior home. Writing and reading some simple words of encouragement can really help us uplift each other during this challenging time.

Random Acts of Kindness

A small kind gesture can go a long way, especially now. There are so many ways you can spread kindness and put a smile on somebody’s face!

You can order take out and have it delivered to a friend, pay for the person’s meal behind you in the drive though, let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store, tip your delivery driver a little extra, or even leave encouraging notes on the cars in a parking lot near you. No matter how small your actions are, this is a great time to give back.

Lend a Helping Hand

Volunteering is another great way you can be social and stay connected to your community at the same time. If you want to spread kindness and give back in a bigger way, try volunteering at a local organization.

You could help deliver meals with the Meals on Wheels program, give blood to the American Red Cross, donate to the local food bank, or make masks and give to local healthcare providers. Call 2-1-1 for more resources and volunteer opportunities.


As a community, we have to lean on each other and get through this together! Follow us on social media and tell us how you are staying social and connected during the pandemic. If you need a little extra support, Summit Pointe is offering free community groups. Stay safe and healthy out there!


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