The Importance of Family Meals

November 27, 2019
Dinner time can be hectic. Family members who have each come home from school or work may want to isolate themselves and eat alone. However, family meals are important for building trust, developing communication skills, and more. Our team has developed a list of some of the best reasons to share a meal, as if the quality time as a family wasn’t enough.

Better Communication

When a family eats together without distractions, it’s easy to talk with each other. Most of the time, family meals are filled with anecdotes about each other’s days. They’re also a great time to talk about things family members are passionate about, relevant news, and more. In fact, when families eat together, they can help each other develop important communication skills, including patience. These skills can help family members in many different aspects of their lives. It seems that asking, “What did you do in school today?” really does make a difference.

Stronger Relationships

A lot of families have very busy schedules. Many different family members might be involved in sports, clubs, or other organizations that keep them from coming home until later. If a family can prioritize having a meal together, it may be the only time in a day that everyone spends time with one another. This can help family members to feel closer to one another, and those relationships can have many benefits including better eating habits and can even help reduce substance abuse.

Healthier Minds and Bodies

Did you know that children who have frequent family meals are almost forty percent more likely to achieve As and Bs in school? They’re also twelve percent less likely to become obese. Those numbers mean a lot. They show that science backs up how healthy and beneficial family meals can be. It might just seem like a fun way to spend an hour, but every breakfast, lunch, or dinner goes a long way towards promoting healthy habits in your children.

Who’s Hungry?

You can start making change in your home every day. If your family doesn’t currently eat meals together, try picking one meal every week to share, like dinner on Thursdays. Once you’re all used to eating one meal together, slowly expand it until you have multiple meals a week that you can all look forward to. Remember: every little step counts towards creating a happy, healthier family and community. Our team is passionate about making Battle Creek a great place to live, work, and play and all of the fun community activities add so much value to the community. To be part of our volunteer network and help at great events like these, contact us today!