What Does It Mean To Be College Ready?

February 21, 2019

In Battle Creek, three in ten children under the age of eighteen live in poverty and are still expected to find ways to succeed. Teachers in our classrooms are faced with having to use class time to address this issue instead of being able to help children succeed academically.

We are working hard to help our students prepare for higher education. We want Battle Creek students to have the skills, resources, and ability to apply and attend college. Interested in learning what our goals are for our students and our work to date? Read on:

Our Goal

BCVision’s goal is to help students be successful in the pursuit of careers and life paths that lead them to economic stability, regardless of their race, gender, or financial background. We are doing this by creating community work groups to support our goal and through building relationships between our work groups and our community.

Our Work

To create opportunities for success we have started by conducting a student-centered study that will lead to the creation of a plan of action community-wide. This plan of action will create a strong educational system that is accessible to all students in Battle Creek.


We have resources available to help our students get prepared to either enter the workforce or attend college upon graduation. From SAT preparation and scholarship opportunities to connections with Michigan Works Southeast and the Regional Manufacturing Technology Center, we have resources ready to help Battle Creek students move forward in their education and career paths.

Our action teams are spearheading this initiative to create a Battle Creek that fosters growth in our students so that they can become successful. Whether you would like to learn more about the work we are doing to help our students become college ready or if you would like to get involved in helping us create successful opportunities, please visit our website to learn more.

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