What BCVision Does

BCVision is a community-driven movement for change in Battle Creek, Michigan, focused on creating a place where we can all live, work and play. Our goal is to create a thriving community where there is equitable opportunity for residents to have the income, education and resources they need to be successful.

Our Guiding principles

All of BCVision’s work is guided by our guiding principles. They ensure that everything we do helps us impact the three pillars of our organization. These principles are:

  • Transform our community: Commit to community change for the benefit of all with an emphasis on equity.
  • Plan and work together: Involve key stakeholders across sectors; value and leverage community assets.
  • Engage all community members as genuine partners.
  • Use shared data to set the agenda and improve over time.
  • Champion the cause: Be an ambassador for community change.

Our three pillars

BCVision is made up of Battle Creek residents and individuals from every sector, including public, private, academic, and nonprofit. We are also comprised of people from neighborhoods across Battle Creek.

Our work is guided by our Steering Committee and action teams that represent our three pillars. These pillars are:

Culture of vitality

Our goal is to create a culture of vitality that supports job growth and talent development by positioning Battle Creek as a place where people choose to live, work, and play.

job development

Our goals are to increase the number of permanent jobs and provide job training to ensure all Battle Creek residents are prepared for work.

talent development

Our goals are to improve kindergarten readiness and increase college and career readiness for all students.

Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is a cross-sector group composed of organizational leaders, frontline staff, and Battle Creek residents who provide strategic direction, align their own work, and champion the initiative externally.

This purpose of the Steering Committee of BCVision is to support the community by:

  • Evaluating data

  • Identifying priorities

  • Forging collaborations

  • Developing a structure for all community members to have an equitable opportunity to be engaged in this work

Current Steering Committee members include:

  • B.D. Alexander, Urban Entrepreneur at 1 Exit Only

  • Ben Damerow, Director at Upjohn Institute/Michigan Works

  • Chris Sargent, Director at United Way of Battle Creek & Kalamazoo Region

  • David Kemp, Young Professional

  • Dean Newsome, Community Member

  • Ivan Lee, Pastor and Founder of New Harvest Christian Center

  • Jorge Zeballos, Executive Director at the Center for Diversity & Innovation

  • Kara Beer, President at the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Karissa Lee, Young Professional

  • Kimberly Carter, Superintendent at Battle Creek Public Schools

  • Kyra Wallace, President and CEO at the Southwestern Michigan Urban League of Battle Creek

  • LA June Montgomery Tabron, President and CEO at W.K. Kellogg Foundation

  • Lester Johnson, Social Entrepreneur

  • Mark O’Connell, President at Kellogg Community College

  • Rebecca Fleury, City Manager at the City of Battle Creek

  • Susan Clark, Director of Early Childhood Services at Great Start Collaborative of Calhoun County

  • Stacey Flathau, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at the Kellogg Company

Core Support Organization

The Core Support team serves as a backbone for the organization. This organization provides assistance with direction, management, coordination, and oversight of BCVision, especially relating to supporting the infrastructure of the movement.

The Battle Creek Community Foundation’s Community Initiatives Offices currently serves as the Core Support Organization.

The BCVision Steering Committee and Action teams continue to engage residents and local partners to help us implement this community-created vision. Together, we can create a vibrant and equitable Battle Creek.