Workforce Development

Ready to Work in Battle Creek

For Battle Creek to thrive, everyone, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic background, must have equitable opportunity to gain skills essential for securing and growing in jobs that can support a family. In addition to this, small and large local businesses need access to talented workers in our community.

Our goals are to increase the number of permanent jobs in our community and provide job training to ensure that everyone in the Battle Creek community is prepared for work.

Strategies that were developed by our community:

  1. Attract new businesses to our community

  2. Streamline regulations

  3. Attract more government funding and involvement

  4. Encourage larger businesses and government entities to buy more from small businesses

  5. Create public/private partnerships to build a stronger, fairer environment for entrepreneurs

To provide job training and ensure work preparedness, we are working hard to:

  1. Make it easier for job seekers learn about openings.

  2. Strengthen transportation, childcare, and other supports that allow people to take a job.

  3. Partner with employers to reduce hiring barriers.

  4. Create partnerships among employers, nonprofits, and funders to strengthen job skills and remove barriers to employment.


Current Work

Our action teams are working hard to increase job development in our community. Check back here soon for more information about our current initiatives.

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